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Natural Rosacea Remedies

These simple rosacea recipes will improve overall skin appearance and reduce redness. However, please be advised that not all Rosacea is the same and what might work for one may not work for another. In addition, you should do a patch test first if you are unsure of whether or not you are allergic to a specific ingredient. Below are easy rosacea recipes to reduce redness.

Boil 6 chamomile tea bags in 3 cups water. Remove tea bags and refrigerate till cool. Dampen a soft cloth and place on face 15 to twenty minutes.
Chamomile has anti-inflamatory properties which can reduce redness and puffiness. Note: if you have allergies from daisies, marigolds, and ragweed, you avoid using chamomile.

Green Tea
Boil two green tea in two cups of water. Refridgerate till cool then soak cloth and place over affected area.
Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, a potent anti-inflammatory agent thereby reducing inflammation in the skin, and having a inhibitory action on collagen - an enzymatic action in the skin where the collagen is broken down, resulting in more firm and elastic skin.

Rose Hips Oil
This oil is used for skin problems such as blisters, scars, eczema and can reduce the redness in rosacea. Apply a few drops over the infected area and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse off and repeat daily to improve your complexion.

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