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Not all of us are blessed with full, senusal lips, however there are many products on the market that can plump up your lips. Before you purchase your next lip plumper understand the different types and how they work. Also listed below is a make at home lip plumper recipe.

Vitamin based lip plumpers are just that, they are enriched with vitamins such as vitamin B and Vitamin E which increase blood flow to the lips thus pumping them up.

Collagen enhancing lip plumpers increase the collagen in the lips thus producing a fuller lip. These types of treatments are known to be somewhat effective however they take regular use over time for the effects to be seen.

Irritant plumpers contain ingredients that are known to irritate the lip. Thus the skin swells and produces a fuller lip. Below are homemade recipes to make a lip plumper.

DIY Lip Plumper Recipe
Place two to three tablespoons of petroleum jelly in small container. Take small equal amounts of cayenne pepper and cinnamon powder and add it to the petroleum jelly. Stir gently with toothpick.
Important: always apply this lip plumper on top of a lip balm. Apply with a cotton swab to lips. Never apply to sunburned, dry or cracked lips. Start in small doses with the equal parts of pepper and powder and try it. If there is no burn sensation then it is not strong enough.

Peppermint and Shea Butter Lip Plumper
A moisturizing lip plumper. Mix equal amounts of shea butter and peppermint oil.

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