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Hair Dye and Skin Tone

Selecting the perfect color for your next hair dye can be exhausting as the choices are endless. They range in colors from platinum to jet black and from basic rinses to permanent colors. They are also categorized in warm colors, neutral colors and cool colors. However, don't despair because with these simple guidelines you can find the right shade that harmonizes with your skin tone.

First and foremost you must know your skin tone and they are categorized in three basic tones: warm, cool or neutral. There are various methods to determine your skin tone, so read my article on How to Determine your Skin Tone. Here is a simple test to check your skin tone: Look at the inside of your arms, do the veins appear blue or green? If they look blue you are most likely a cool undertone. Green veins usually indicate a warm skin tone. There are also neutral shades and lucky them they can wear just about any color. Another test is to drape a baby blue or white cloth across your shoulders, how does it make you look? If baby blue or white is your color chances are you are a cool skin tone. If a rust or cream color brings out your complexion then chances are you are warm.

Now that we know our skin tone, we can select the appropriate warm/cool color to compliment our skin tone. Select a shade two shades lighter or darker than the natural color of your eyebrows. The eyebrow color you were born with compliments your skin tone perfectly. The natural color of your eyebrows should be the standard on which your hair color should be measured. If you dye your hair to far away from the natural color of your eyebrows your complexion will look washed out.

Cool skin tones should avoid shades of yellow, gold, bronze and red tones. These tones will give the skin a sallow appearance and facial features. Consider flat browns, or light ash blonds as a base color and pick golden, ash or honey highlights for contrast.

Warm skin tones avoid ash. Consider a deep, rich base color like an intense chocolate, chestnut, mahogany or auburn. Also consider, honey light blondes, warm chocolate brown, or browns with a hint of rust.

For those that have a reddish complexion or sufferings from rosacea avoid bright red tones. Consider a honey brown or golden base color.

While the above our generalizations, I hope these tips will offer some help when selecting your next hair color. Remember select a color that will compliment your skin tone.

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